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SPACE 3000 started out as a game I was developing a couple of years ago. It was a continuation of a mod for a game called Star Wars Battle Of Endor that I made, the mod was called The M40 X pro A.C.E Game and it was a simple space shooter where you flew in an M40 X pro A.C.E (Asteroid Class Explorer) and fought an alien race called the Kohlar. MY background story wasn't very well developed back then but I knew it was the beginning of something greater.
In 2010 me and a (very) small team of modelers and concept artists started working on the game SPACE 3102: Ace's Void, this was supposed to be the M40 x pro ACE game from a first person perspective, you played as the same character as in the mod. This project didn't get far due to growing arguments in the team, this was mainly my fault as the leader of the project.

The main idea I had for the game was to make a futuristic but realistic Earth where the player could travel wherever he was needed. Many unique and hard gameplay mechanics such as being able to take of from the ground and leave Earths atmosphere all in one go without loading screens was an essential idea for making the game have a special feel. Same with the maps and flight controls. Maps would be huge, several kilometers large (like in the ARMA games), and wouldn't require loading screens while traveling between different maps. The flight controls would be adjustable depending on the difficulty level you set but the hardest setting would have 100% flight-sim physics and capabilities. Graphics would also have to be the best, better than CryEngine 3. Back then we were developing it on Unreal Engine 3 but that will change if I ever pick it up again, possibly we'll even make a custom engine. Thos are just dreams for now however.

I have continued on making ships and concepts now and then these past few years, recently a little more than usual.

The story of the game/universe I now call SPACE 3000 is that of a pilot thrown into the chaos of war. His skill as a pilot is unmatched and with his ship, the M40-X ACE, he is invaluable as a fighter and coordinator of the resistance defending Earth.

But let's start at the beginning. There is war in the galaxy, three species: the Kohlar, the Humans and the Ractas are the known lifeforms who have all evolved at roughly the same pace, now who has claim on the galaxy is in dispute. The Kohlar have stayed out of the war completely after a less-than-good first contact with humans roughly 300 years ago. The Humans never claimed the galaxy for themselves but the Ractas however did. The Ractas are the most war-like of all species and instantly attacked the humans after they made first contact. The war is taking a lot of resources from Earth. Most battles are fought in space spacecraft get damaged or destroyed and this takes a lot of lives very quickly, pilots are a valuable resource and the ESAD has the most, that is how they became involved. Earths Military Force, the EMF, left over from the civil war is mainly ground troops and therefore the ESAD (The Earth Space Administration and Defense Force) has taken command of the war on the humans side.

SPACE 3000, the game starts out with you, the player character, called Phil Carman (you will be able to use your own name if this becomes a game) returning home to New London, Earth after a scientific mission in an asteroid belt somewhere. He is contacted in his house/apartment by a retired military general who calls himself general Tom (no last name yet :P ). You are informed by the general that the Kohlar are on their way to attack, seizing the opportunity to attack now that Earth is weakened in defense by the war with the Ractas. You and your copilot, Cailey, are summoned to fight in the counter attack in space. This will be the original battle from the mod, fighting the Kohlar invasion fleet over the Moon. After this however your ship and your ship alone is ordered to go after several groups of Kohlar that have made it past our primary defense. Now you re-enter the atmosphere and you enter the open-world mode of the game where you are the only air support of the resistance on Earth, all other fighters and able spacecraft are aiding in the counter attack holding of the Kohlar main force. Now you would have the choice of fighting on the ground alongside the EMF or attacking from the air. You as the player would have total freedom in choosing how you fight. You will be offered several missions and you can then choose which one fits your skills best and then do it, upon completing missions you will progress in the game until you have finally driven of the Kohlar from the planet and then all that remains is destroying the Kohlar fleet now in orbit around our planet.

The game would also have multiplayer where up to 32 players can fight each other on either side on relatively large maps with the same weapons and vehicles as in the main game.

I will keep adding more models to my SPACE 3000 gallery folder when I build them.

That's it for this journal, have a nice day! =)
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Submitted on
May 23, 2012