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As you might ave noticed, all you watchers of mine, I have been very busy this... well this whole year so far really. It started with my spaceship Athena and after that I finished Axonn. Then I went a bit Star Wars crazy and I made two Star Wars models, the pod racer and the N1 Starfighter.
At this point I was feeling a little over worked so I built a simple model, my little Matoran Worker, little did I know this was only half way through my modeling madness.
After my Matoran, I started working on nothing less than a Lamborghini, a custom design which I think turned out quite well, even with my 3d program constantly pissing me off. Seems like trueSpace7 is more of a Ferrari person... ..program... whatever...

Next came the Bionicle madness, in a week I had built the whole Toa Nuva series starting with Gali from the Toa Mata.
Here is a little list with links to each model:
Toa Tahu
Toa Gali
Toa Lewa
Toa Kopaka
Toa Pohatu
Toa Onua

I think that's all the Bionicles I'll model for now, should probably focus on some more variation, and by "variation" I mean different kinds of SPACESHIPS!! =D

I did however make one more Bionicle yesterday, a real life creation. My Bionicle, Ysiri, is a "MOC"(my own creation) made by me after feeling inspired when seeing so many awesome custom Bionicles from great MOCers like 3rdeye88 and Haotaus.

That's it for this journal, have a nice day! =)
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Submitted on
February 11, 2012